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The Farmhouse Workshop is owned and operated by Samuel Kessler.  Samuel began learning how to use tools in his grandfather's home workshop and always enjoyed working with his hands.  While working on his undergraduate degree in Mathematics at Western Kentucky University, he learned some carpentry skills while doing volunteer work with Habitat for Humanity and learned fine woodworking techniques in a furniture making class. 

​He began a serious venture into woodworking back in 2014 after he married his wife, Hilary.  He has been learning and improving his skills and techniques since.  Samuel and his wife recently built a farmhouse on Hilary's family's farm, and as result the business took a hiatus and went through a rebranding. 

The Farmhouse Workshop makes everything from custom furniture pieces to small hand turned wooden pieces.  Stop by the online store to see a small sample of what is currently for sale and be sure to check out what is happening on Instagram @farmhouseworkshop.

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